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Handed down for generations, the recipe used to make Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is as authentic and original as the mountains and streams that bear the family names. The original recipe belongs to Devil Anse Hatfield and is currently produced in small, handmade batches, six days a week, in the micro-distillery in Gilbert, West Virginia, on original Hatfield land.

Simply said, there is moonshine and then there is real authentic moonshine. You cannot mass produce moonshine and keep the tradition and quality of the small batch craft moonshine. With one taste, the “old timers” will tell you Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is second to none.

Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine is a premium white corn whiskey that is hand crafted from 100% West Virginia grown corn, carefully fermented, and then distilled in copper kettle stills in small batches using the same authentic proprietary recipe handed down for over 150 years. At 90 proof, our all natural, gluten-free family recipe will go down smooth but kick like a mule. Bold yet versatile, it can be enjoyed neat, chilled, or in a wide variety of mixed cocktails instead of vodka or tequila.

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