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5 Reasons Why People Like Moonshine

People loved moonshine hundreds of years ago. And that love hasn’t dissipated since. After Prohibition was lifted and drinking alcohol became legal again, interest in the illegal spirit waned a bit—but it’s made a comeback in recent years. And not just among the Southerners. Now, it seems every regular Joe and his grandmother in America wants a jug of hooch.

So why do people like it so much? What’s the big allure? Here are five reasons.

A Taste of Rebellion

Bootleggers, secret operations, gun fights—there’s no doubt that moonshine’s popularity has a lot to do with its unlawful past. It’s been illegal for so long, and people seem to be drawn to illicit behaviors. They just love the idea of tasting the forbidden fruit. They’re curious. They want to know what the fuss is about. They like ‘shine because it’s surrounded by an air of toughness and coolness that no other alcohol beverage can boast.

Authentic American Goodness

In recent years, there’s been an outcry against corporate America. People are sick of spending their hard-earned money on products made in other countries. Products that are mass-produced. People have started appreciating the art of artisanal products. And when you buy moonshine that’s micro-distilled in small batches—not the factory-made stuff made by Big Whiskey—you get to feel good knowing you’re supporting artisans. Plus, small-batch hooch is a thousand times better. It’s made with care and attention. It’s made from recipes that have been passed down for generations. It’s quality in a jar.

And because ‘shine is so deeply rooted in American history—from the Prohibition Era to the birth of NASCAR, people love it because it’s a real American drink. They develop a sense of pride with every sip. They taste and experience history. They taste real, authentic, American goodness.


Moonshine is awesome because it’s so versatile. You can drink it straight, chilled, on ice, with a mix, or in cocktails. There’s a drink for everyone, which is why it’s loved by many. Whether you love the potent taste and the kick of drinking it straight, the fruity taste of drinking it with some moonshine mix, or the smooth taste of it in your favorite mixed drinks, you can find a way to drink it that suits your preferences.

It’s Become Legal…Sort Of

Some distillers in specific counties are now allowed to legally produce and sell ‘shine, given they’ve applied for the appropriate permits. Now that people can legally buy ‘shine at the liquor store or online, it’s easier than even for regular Joes to drink it. In the past, you had to know a guy who knew a guy who secretly produced it, so it wasn’t very accessible. But the loosened liquor laws have had a lot to do with why more people are now trying and liking white lightning.

It’s an Experience

Drinking ‘shine isn’t just about getting drunk. It’s about taking part in a social experience that you’ll never forget. For some reason, passing around a jar of hooch around a circle of friends creates a bonding moment that just isn’t possible with a bottle of wine or glasses of martinis. It’s about camaraderie.

Give It a Taste

If you’re still trying to convince yourself to give ‘shine a try, don’t hesitate. There’s a reason so many people like it—in fact, there are at least five reasons why. Not only is it authentic American goodness with a hint of rebellion that makes for a great drinking experience, but its versatility and new legality make it easy for everyone to love.

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