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Top 5 Common Prejudices Towards Moonshine

With its rich history, there are many misconceptions and myths about moonshine that are still perpetuated today. We’re here to set the record straight. Here are five of the most common prejudices towards moonshine.

1. It Tastes Too Strong

Many folks who have never tried hooch before are worried it’ll be too strong for their liking. Unscrupulous moonshiners used to add all kinds of wacky ingredients to give their shine an extra kick, but you can buy authentic shine that’s made with natural ingredients and goes down nice and smooth. Don't knock it till you try it!

2. It Causes Blindness

While this terrifying misconception is based in truth, it should not be a concern in today’s day and age. Way back in the day, inexperienced and unscrupulous moonshiners used to use questionable equipment, add dangerous ingredients, and leave in poisonous toxins. When produced incorrectly, moonshine could contain high doses of methanol, which can cause blindness. Obviously it could be dangerous to ingest amateur shine, but nowadays, licensed moonshiners have the skills and expertise needed to craft a safe and authentic product. Just stay away from homemade concoctions. It’s really not worth the risk!

3. You Have to Drink It Straight

Many moonshine drinkers prefer to drink their shine straight from the jar, but that doesn’t mean you have to. There are all kinds of moonshine cocktail recipes you can try. You can also infuse your jar of shine with fruit to give it a sweeter flavor. You might want to try adding some moonshine mix for a quick and easy beverage that’s delicious every time.

4. It’s a Hillbilly Drink

Some people who are not from the southern United States have a hard time understanding moonshine culture. Because of the way the media portrays moonshine, outsiders wind up associating it with hillbillies in the old south. Hooch is definitely more prominent in the southern regions of the United States, where it originated, than anywhere else in the country, but it’s gaining popularity and people far and wide want to try it and see what all of the fuss is about.

5. Legal Shine Isn’t Authentic

A lot of moonshine drinkin’ folks argue that store-bought shine ain’t real shine at all. Since moonshine got its name from having to be made at night when no one was looking, people figure legal shine must not be authentic. There’s of course the mass-produced, factory-made moonshine being produced by Big Whiskey that you can find in liquor stores, but there are also small-batch distilleries that have been making authentic shine for generations. These original recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. These small-batch distilleries use high-quality ingredients that are local and fresh. You don’t have to fund corporate America to enjoy legal shine.

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